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Counselling Support

One of the key advantages of counselling is its ability to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your thoughts and emotions.


It can help you develop more positive coping mechanisms & strategies to deal with life’s challenges.


Plus how to approach problems with a more positive mindset, leading to improved overall well-being. 

Counselling session duration is 60 minutes.

Fees are kept affordable at $130.00.



Health fund members may be entitled to a benefit

Coaching Support

Executive woman

Do you often feel like something is holding you back?


Imagine finding motivation, sticking to a goal or finally working towards your passion and purpose?


Learn how to remove the barriers practical & straightforward strategies with accountability can help you grow & gain results.


Tackle your career, health, small business goals.

Coaching session duration is 60 minutes.

Fees are kept affordable at $130.00.


May be claimed via tax/business expense.

Ready to move forward?

Why do women seek support?

Women wish to un-complicate their lives, feel less overwhelm or anxiety, gain clarity and skills in relation to a problem or learn to feel better within themselves.


There are so many reasons but each are unique, important and personal.


No agendas, no judgement – the time is yours.

If you aren't currently loving life - then you need to find out why.

Sometimes we can feel like a burden sharing our inner most concerns, issues or ideas with a friend or family member.


Professional counselling and/or coaching provides the space where the focus is on you.

Group Courses

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